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Promised to show her something, a cunning Smurf has driven Smurfette deep into the forest and now he’s driving his fat rod deep into her throat, plugging the poor babe without a mercy. Horny and wild, he’s pushing it roughly into her mouth, making the cute babe cry, while she’s gobbling the huge dick, the power of which she can’t resist. Looks like her other hand doesn’t know rest, because under the tears there is a blush, telling us that her pussy in being entertained, while the precious babe is doing a deepthroat blowjob for her friend.

The Smurfs enjoy sex rodeo

There are so many funny blue painted guys in the world that you can forget their names, but you will never put aside your wild idea of seeing them fucking! You are not the only sex freak who wants painted cocks and pussies interact in front of your lustful eyes! Enjoy perfect sex toons porn where Sassette Smurfling and Gutsy Smurf are busy arranging absolutely mind-blowing sex rodeo! Red-haired slut Sassette is totally happy to accept every inch of the huge painted cock of her lover. And Gutsy is going to prolong the wild fucking action until the redhead pleads for mercy!

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It is impossible to forget Smurfette, the blue painted girl and her funny kind people, if you saw her once. It is exciting to watch her standard adventures, but you always have to imagine what happens when the official story is over. You dream to see Smurfette having sex with a cute blue guy blessed with a huge painted cock! Your dirty wish is our command. Enjoy thrilling top-quality painted porn featuring the perfect drawn girl right after her lover withdrew his tool from her willing pussy and covered her shapely butt with a generous amount of hot sticky cum.

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Sexy lady Smurfette is pleasing another Smurf during the lunch break, and the huge boner this lucky one pushes inside her tight cunt seems to be really happy to visit such a wet place! Porn bitch loves the feeling of a pulsing dick inside her pussy, but the Smurf is eager to try her anal, and she can’t resist his strength. Overexcited, she’s clutching the dick to drive it right into her gaped ass, while the other hand is madly polishing her clit. The huge dick explodes with a load of cum, spilled all over Smurfette’s back and butt.

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Smurfette was totally a bad girl today, refusing to work and being rude to other Smurfs, and in the evening she’s got an invitation to the Papa’s chamber she couldn’t avoid. There the bitch was punished with a huge dick Papa Smurf has prepared for her. Here it’s plugging her hungry throat, and the babe doesn’t seem too disappointed to gobble it right. This insanely lustful whore is working on the hardened boner, giving it head like nowhere before trying to earn the forgiveness, and looks like Papa is going to cum right into her gaped mouth!

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Nimble Gargamel was lucky enough to find the village of Smurfs, and Smurfette he’s met there were really impressed by his huge boner. She’s asked to take her with him, when Gargamel has gone home, and give her some time to explore this enormous penis. Now she’s hanging on the straight rod and tasting it, making the delighted Gargamel softly groan, dreaming about skewing this little blue bitch on his poked dick. Although, Smurfette isn’t even confused, she’s carried away by the massive blowjob she does for the human.

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Meeting Jokey Smurf in the valley after a long boring day is great for Smurfette, because she can chat him up and get something she really wants! Her itching pussy needs a nice rubbing and with a great sense of humor, Jokey Smurf also has a huge dick that perfectly suits her tight hole after a heavy blowjob to warm it up. Now wet Smurfette has turned her back on hardened Jokey’s boner to get a nice screwing for her cunt, making this babe scream and groan so the Father Smurf may be interested in what’s happening there!

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.smurfs cartoon pornA bit of fisting won’t hurt for such a cute babe as Smurfette is, and Hefty Smurf is pushing his huge knuckle inside her gaped pussy, flowing with a juice of passion. The horny bitch has came to the balcony to substitute her cunt in between her spread legs to the wild and powerful pressure of the clinched fist, that’s crawling deep inside of her. Though, the huge dick of Hefty Smurf is appreciating the sexy action happening, showing his attitude with a huge increase in size and looking threatening for the young lady